Trinidad Cucumber Chow Recipe

cucumber chow featured image

Trini cucumber chow is a popular and refreshing afternoon snack. It is similar to a simple cucumber salad but the garlic and chadon beni combo elevate it to that tasty … Read more

How to Make Passion Fruit Juice

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Want a tropical getaway in a glass? Passion fruit juice is your answer. The juice has that exotic, tangy, floral taste that’ll transport your mind to a stunning beach. And … Read more

Simple Trinidad Hops Bread Recipe

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This is my mother-in-law’s Trini hops bread recipe. It uses simple ingredients and is pretty easy to make. And the hops are so soft and fluffy. Try this recipe and … Read more

Simple Pineapple Chow Recipe

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Pineapple chow is a healthy refreshing afternoon snack enjoyed in T&T. It is made with pineapple chunks, chadon beni, salt and pepper. Ingredients like lime juice, garlic and other fresh … Read more

Tasty Trini Baiganee Recipe

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Trini baiganee is a popular fried street snack in T&T. It is made by deep frying eggplant (baigan) slices that have been covered with seasoned split peas batter. Like aloo … Read more

Trinidad Kachori Recipe

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Trini kachori is a bit different from its original Indian counterpart. It is made with ground chickpeas, flour and lots of seasonings, shaped into discs and deep fried. Like aloo … Read more

Easy Trinidad Pholourie Recipe

pholourie in bowl with cloth

Pholourie (puh-law-ree) is a favorite street snack in T&T. It is a seasoned, deep fried dough ball made with flour, split peas powder, turmeric and seasonings and is served with … Read more

Trinidad Baked Chicken Recipe

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This baked chicken recipe is simple to make. I use fresh herbs here like chadon beni, thyme and rosemary. And the longer you leave it to marinate, the better the … Read more

Easy Trinidad Coconut Bake Recipe

coconut bake wedges

Trinidad coconut bake is a favorite breakfast food on the islands. It is fundamentally an easy-to-make bread that contains grated coconut meat and a little spice. The coconut flavor permeates … Read more

Trinidad Black Cake Recipe

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Black cake or fruit cake is the most popular Trini Christmas cake. It is dark, boozy and filled with wonderful dried fruits and flavor. Here, I’m sharing my recipe upfront. … Read more

How to Make Peanut Punch Trini Style

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Peanut punch is definitely part of Trinbago life. And everyone has their favorite punch vendor, especially in Port-of-Spain. I grew up on “pack peanut punch” but this recipe is so … Read more

How to Make Sada Roti Without Yeast

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Sada roti is a popular Trini breakfast staple that is usually served with vegetarian sides. Although it only requires a few ingredients, sada roti takes time to perfect. Here is … Read more