Breakfast Recipes

A Trinidadian breakfast is never boring. From asking the doubles man two with plenty pepper to pouring condiments over your bake and shark, there is something for everyone.

What Do Trinis Eat for Breakfast

If you are new to Trini food, then check out this great breakfast list that Trinis enjoy. You’ll find explanations for everything from doubles, bake and shark, and coconut bake to sada roti and chokas.

Healthy recipes

It’s great to start the day off with simple, non-processed foods like fruits and veggies. They add great fiber to your diet along with essential vitamins, minerals, and more.

Doubles and more

Try T&T’s favorite breakfast food: doubles! Or, feel free to enjoy some other fried Indian treats like aloo pie, saheena and more.

Fry bake

Soft fluffy fried bake is a delightful way to start the morning off. Have it alongside fried shark, shrimp, veggies and condiments.


Sada roti is a typical dough enjoyed for breakfast alongside fire roasted vegetables (chokas), avocado, stir fried or curried veggies and more.


Bread and eggs, sausage, bacon, avocado are also great options for breakfast.


Trinis enjoy breakfast options from other cultures too!