Breakfast Recipe List

A Trinidadian breakfast is never boring. From asking the doubles man two with plenty pepper to pouring condiments over your bake and shark, there is something for everyone.

Find more about what Trinis eat for breakfast in this post. There, I discuss the African and Indian origins of some foods and discuss the fusion and innovation between the different types of cuisines. So, be sure to check that out.

In this post, you’ll find all the breakfast recipes I’ve managed to post on WeTriniFood below:

1. Doubles

bara with ground urdi featured image

Urdi bara recipe

This bara recipe is a more traditional one to what is sold today…

doubles channa featured image

Doubles channa recipe

The secrets to doubles channa are the yellow split peas, fresh green seasoning and the right amount of salt and pepper.

cucumber chutney for doubles featured image

Cucumber chutney recipe

Cucumber chutney has become part of the culture and adds a cooling, refreshing element to doubles.

2. Fry bake and sides

trinidad fry bake recipe

Fry bake recipe

Fry bake puffs up in the hot oil, making a perfect pocket for any tasty filling.

fried shark recipe featured image

Fried shark recipe

These fried shark bites are tasty once you have properly prepared the shark meat. 

3. Roti and sides

sada roti featured image

Sada roti recipe

Follow my recipe and all the tips for making sure your roti swells and stays soft all day.

tomato choka featured image

Tomato choka recipe

Tomato choka is made with simple ingredients and is full of smokey and spicy flavors.

baigan choka featured image

Baigan choka recipe

Baigan choka is made by roasting eggplants, garlic and pepper and mixed with hot oil, onions and seasoning.

curry bodi featured image

Curry bodi recipe

Curry bodi is made with Chinese long beans (called bodi), onion, garlic and seasonings all cooked in a thick curry sauce.

fry bodi featured image

Fry bodi recipe

Fry bodi is another bodi or Chinese long beans recipe but this one is made with onions, seasonings and tomatoes.

pumpkin talkari featured image

Pumpkin talkari recipe

Pumpkin talkari is simply made with pumpkin, onions, garlic and seasonings.

4. Fried Indian treats

aloo pie featured image

Aloo pie recipe

Light, fluffy and tasty, this aloo pie recipe is a lot simpler to make than you might think.

saheena with tamarind sauce featured image

Saheena recipe

Saheena is a fried Indian delicacy made with spinach leaves, split peas powder, and fresh seasonings. 

tamarind sauce featured image

Tamarind sauce recipe

Tamarind sauce is a tasty dipping sauce served alongside fried favorites like pholourie, aloo pie and saheena. 

5. Healthy breakfast ideas

ayurvedic spiced apples pinterest pin

Ayurvedic spiced apples

This spiced apple recipe is so simple to make and very easy on your stomach. 

tropical fruit salad with dragon fruit

Dragon fruit salad

This delicious tropical fruit salad is refreshingly sweet and is perfect for an early morning breakfast

delicious dragon fruit smoothie with mango, banana and orange with mint leaf as garnish

Dragon fruit smoothie

Try this simple tropical dragon fruit smoothie recipe. It is full of exotic flavor.