10 Soursop Recipes to Try

Soursop (also called graviola or guanábana) is an exotic fruit that has a unique, fruity flavor. It is perfect for making soursop juice, but that’s not all you can make with it.

Soursop fruit can be used in other drinks and desserts too. Here in the Caribbean, we love making soursop ice cream, punch and popsicles.

But, in other parts of the world, there are savory dishes that can be made with the green fruit. Here I’ve found a few soursop recipes that’ll be fun to experiment with.

Soursop dessert recipes

#1 Soursop ice cream

Soursop ice cream is another favorite. There are a couple ways to make it – with or without an ice cream maker.

Chris from CaribbeanPot makes his ice cream with soursop juice, lime zest, heavy cream, sugar and eggs and uses an electric ice cream maker. He explains it all in his video below.

The way I usually make the ice cream is by whisking cold heavy cream until it thickens up slightly and develops soft peaks. Then, add in cold condensed milk, vanilla and soursop pulp and mix for a minute or two more. The mixture will thicken up nicely and you can transfer to a freezer safe container. Freeze for a couple hours and that’s it! This video from Honestly Home explains these steps.

#2 Soursop sorbet

If you are lucky enough to own a sorbet or ice cream maker then try this recipe from One Green Planet. You only need the pulp, sugar, water and a bit of lime juice. For a sugar-free icy version, try freezing pure soursop pulp in an ice tray before blending the blocks with some frozen mango pulp and lime juice. It can make a wonderful icy treat.

#3 Soursop mousse

You need four main ingredients to make this delicious soursop dessert recipe from Olenka – cream cheese, condensed milk, whipped cream and soursop pulp! That’s it. Of course, you can add crunchy and other toppings like cookies and chocolate.

#4 Soursop cheesecake

Soursop is already thick, creamy and has a strong, exotic flavor. So, it is absolutely perfect for making cheesecake.

Natasha from Trini Cooking with Natasha makes her cheesecake filling with cream cheese, condensed milk, vanilla extract, soursop pulp, gelatin, and water. She adds the filling to a graham cracker crust and refrigerates the cake for about 4 hours to set. Here’s her wonderful video for her no-bake soursop cheesecake.

#5 Soursop cake

Besides cheesecake, you can also make a soursop cake using all the classic ingredients and soursop pulp.

Check out this recipe from Mayumi’s kitchen. She uses fresh soursop pulp and blends it with eggs, butter, vanilla, evaporated milk and sugar. With flour and baking soda sifted and mixed, she adds the blended ingredients and combines everything. She pours the batter into loaf pans and bakes in a preheated oven at 360°F for 40 to 50 minutes. Yum!

Soursop smoothies and drinks

#6 Soursop juice

Soursop juice is the most common and easiest recipe to make with the fruit. All you need are the whole fruit, a sweetener and your favorite flavorings like nutmeg and vanilla. I have a simple soursop juice recipe on the blog that calls for soursop, condensed milk, vanilla essence, nutmeg and water for diluting. I also did a quick video for it too that you can check out below.

#7 Soursop smoothies

You can also add soursop pulp to your breakfast smoothies. The pulp goes really well with bananas, pineapple, mango, and berries. But, you can combine with any of your favorite flavors.

This simple smoothie recipe uses bananas, ginger, soursop pulp, yogurt, hemp seeds, chia seeds and water. It’s super simple and a great way to boost your nutrition.


#8 Soursop margarita

Here in the Caribbean, we often add some white rum to our soursop juice and punch, but you can take it up a notch and make your own cocktails with soursop juice. Check out this video from Kisses for Breakfast. Her recipe calls for soursop juice, white rum, tequila, syrup, lime juice, and some good ole Angostura bitters. Enjoy and drink responsibly!

Savory soursop recipes

#9 Soursop chow

We make everything into chow so why not soursop? Laura makes hers with roasted garlic and peppers, chadon beni, chives and soursop cubes. Feel free to mix in some mango and pineapple chunks too!


#10 Soursop fries

I must say this is a new one for me. I’ve never seen soursop fries before. Lilis from DeLIciously Made demonstrates how to make the fries in her video below. She uses green soursop, removes the peel and seeds, cuts the flesh into strips, liberally salts everything and leaves to soften. The salt draws out a lot of moisture and turns the tough strips into pliable fries. She washes the fries and coats them with cornstarch and flour, seasoned egg wash and breadcrumbs before deep frying until golden.

There are other soursop recipes that you can try like soursop curry and more. But, I think I’ll stop there and turn it over to you. What are your favorite soursop recipes?

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