Snacks & Dessert Recipes

Whether you’re trying to satisfy your sweet tooth or craving fried treats, here’s a little list of all the snack recipes on this blog.


From classic Trinidad black cake or rum cake to sponge cake and pineapple upside down cake, here are some tasty, fool-proof cake recipes to try.

Cookies & Muffins

Chocolate chip cookies and easy muffin recipes to try.

Dessert Breads

A warm slice of banana bread is the ultimate comfort food!


Choux pastries and other savory baking treats.


East Indian delicacies and other traditional sweets like tamarind balls.

Cold Treats

Ice creams, nice creams, and other cold snacks.


Chow makes a wonderful, healthy snack!

Fried snacks

Find everything fried from chips, wontons, spring rolls, and more.