Snacks List

Whether you are feeling for fried food or sweet treats, here’s a nice list of Trini snack recipes to try:

Baked treats

baking powder biscuits featured image

Baking powder biscuits recipe

These are really easy to make and have this warm buttery taste.

cheese puffs featured image

Cheese puffs recipe

Trini cheese puffs are savory, cheesy snacks you can get in any local bakery.

trinidad cheese paste featured image

Cheese paste recipe

This recipe is a compliment to the Trini cheese puffs recipe.


banana bread recipe featured image

Banana bread recipe

This banana bread recipe is a sweet, delicious treat for an afternoon snack.

eggless banana bread featured image

Banana bread – eggless recipe

This bread is simple to make, moist and all you need to do is swap eggs for buttermilk.

eggless dinner rolls with chive featured

Dinner rolls with chives recipe

These rolls are soft and light and have great flavor from the chives that permeates through the entire roll.

sweet bread featured image

Sweet bread – eggless recipe

Crumbly, coconuty, and delicious. That’s the best way to describe this recipe.

homemade whole wheat bread recipe featured

Whole wheat bread with nuts recipe

If you are looking for a healthy, high fiber whole wheat bread recipe, then you have to try this one.

Cakes and cookies

chocolate chip cookies recipe featured image

Chocolate chip cookies recipe

This is my favorite chocolate chip cookies recipe.

trinidad sponge cake featured image

Sponge cake recipe

Trinidad sponge cake is a classic cake for every occasion. It is pretty simple to make and hard to mess up.

Chinese treats

fried chicken wontons trini style

Chicken wontons recipe

Fried chicken wontons definitely meet that fried, crispy cravings!

fried shrimp wontons featured image

Shrimp wontons recipe

Fried shrimp wontons are a classic, fried snack that’s inspired by Chinese cuisine.

vegetable spring rolls featured image

Spring rolls recipe (veg)

Fried vegetable spring rolls are tasty fried snacks, perfect for movie nights and get-togethers.

Chips and fries

fried breadfruit chips featured image

Breadfruit chips recipe

Fried breadfruit chips are tasty fried treats that are a nice substitute to potato fries. 

Indian treats

aloo pie featured image

Aloo pie recipe

What’s better than fried dough stuffed with seasoned potatoes (aloo) and chutney?

bara with ground urdi featured image

Bara with urdi recipe

Not as light as today’s bara, this recipe is way more traditional.

cucumber chutney for doubles featured image

Cucumber chutney recipe

Cucumber chutney is refreshing on top of doubles channa and bara.

fried channa featured image

Fried channa recipe

Fried channa is a flavorful fried snack made with fried chickpeas (channa) and seasonings.

parsad featured image

Parsad recipe

Parsad or prasad isn’t an everyday snack, but it still tastes pretty good when you want something sweet.

saheena with tamarind sauce featured image

Saheena recipe

Split peas powder, chopped dasheen leaves and fresh seasonings all mixed together and fried. That’s yummy saheena.

tamarind sauce featured image

Tamarind sauce recipe

Make a tasty tamarind sauce to eat with everything in this section. 

More treats

tamarind balls featured image

Tamarind balls recipe

Tamarind balls are delightful, sugary treats in the Caribbean.