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Influenced by the cuisine of the Taíno and First Peoples, the Africans, Indians, Chinese, Syrians and Europeans, Trinidad and Tobago food is like no other and continues to evolve with more fusion, adaptation and experimentation.
We love we belly!

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sada roti quarters

Lent Recipes

fried red snapper featured

Fried red fish

Whole red snapper with Caribbean green seasoning fried to perfection.

stir fried bok choy with garlic and ginger

Bok choy

Stir fried bok choy recipe with garlic, ginger and other flavorings.

macaroni pie featured image

Macaroni pie

This one is my not-so-traditional eggless macaroni pie recipe.

stewed lentils recipe featured

Stewed lentils

A classic made with browning, aromatics, and brown lentils.

king fish featured image

Battered and fried king fish

Lightly battered, pan-fried king fish seasoned with Caribbean herbs.

grilled whole red snapper featured image

Grilled red snapper

This grilled whole red snapper is full of Caribbean and citrus flavors.

Popular Recipes

pholourie featured image


This popular Trini street snack is a deep fried dough ball best served with tamarind and mango sauces.

three aloo pies with tamarind sauce

Aloo pie

Another popular street, this potato-stuffed dough tastes great with channa or sauces or both!

trinidad fry bake recipe

Fry bake

This easy fry bake is made with both yeast and baking powder.

coconut bake wedges

Coconut bake

This baked bread has fresh coconut and mild nutmeg flavors.

chadon beni sauce featured

Chadon beni sauce

Strong, sharp, herbaceous and made with chadon beni.

garlic sauce featured image

Garlic sauce

Really tasty sauce with mayonnaise, garlic chadon beni and citrus.

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