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Influenced by the cuisine of the Taíno and First Peoples, the Africans, Indians, Chinese, Syrians and Europeans, Trinidad and Tobago food is like no other and continues to evolve with more fusion, adaptation and experimentation.
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macaroni pie, fried rice with red rice, lettuce, bbq lamb and bbq chicken
curry channa and aloo, curry chicken and buss up shut

New Year, Healthy Food!

boiled plantain featured image

Boiled plantain

Simple-to-make, low carb plantain recipe that makes a wonderful sweet side dish.

sauteed green beans with ginger

Green beans

Another easy-to-make recipe with green beans or string beans and ginger.

zucchini noodles with fork on white background

Zucchini noodles

Easy zucchini noodles or zoodles recipe with garlic and pepper.

stewed lentils recipe featured

Stewed lentils

A lunch time classic made with browning, aromatics, veggies and brown lentils.

stew chicken in pot featured image

Stew chicken

Brown stew chicken is made by cooking chicken in browning and seasonings.

grilled whole red snapper featured image

Grilled red snapper

This grilled whole red snapper is full of Caribbean and citrus flavors.

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