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Influenced by the cuisine of the Taíno and First Peoples, the Africans, Indians, Chinese, Syrians and Europeans, Trinidad and Tobago food is like no other and continues to evolve with more fusion, adaptation and experimentation.
We love we belly!

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pholourie in a large bowl with napkins
curry channa and aloo, curry chicken and buss up shut

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curry channa and aloo featured image

Curry Channa and Aloo

Remember the days of curry channa and aloo on Thursdays?

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How to Make Rose Water

Here’s how to make rose hydrosol and infused rose water.

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Guava Juice Drink

Nothing beats the smell and taste of guava juice!

sour cream chocolate chip cookies

Sour cream cookies

You’ll love these chocolate chip cookies.

mangu with garnish featured

Mashed plantain

Mangu (mashed green plantains) are yummy!

stewed lentils recipe featured

Stewed lentils

Stewed lentils have a great depth of flavor.

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