Lunch Recipe List

Here are all the lunch recipes I’ve been able to add on WeTriniFood:

1. African Inspired

vegan trinidad callaloo recipe featured

Callaloo recipe (veg)

Callaloo is a tasty, spinach side dish in T&T. It is made with young taro (also called dasheen) leaves, pumpkin, ochro, and other vegetables.

dry stew chicken featured image

Stew chicken recipe

Slightly sweet, smoky, and spicy, this brown stew chicken recipe will have you asking for more. 

2. Indian Inspired

curry channa and aloo featured image

Channa and aloo recipe

Channa and aloo made with chickpeas (or channa), potatoes (or aloo), and a curry powder blend unique to the Caribbean.

chicken butter masala featured

Chicken butter masala recipe

If you enjoy your chicken cooked in a flavorful tomato gravy with Indian spices, then this recipe is for you.

curry bodi featured image

Curry bodi recipe

Curry bodi is made with Chinese long beans (called bodi), onion, garlic and seasonings all cooked in a thick curry sauce.

curry chicken featured image

Curry chicken recipe

Curry chicken is made with seasoned chicken pieces with bone, curry powder, seasonings and pepper. 

curry duck featured image

Curry duck recipe

Trinidad curry duck is certainly a favorite for any occasion, especially a good ole river lime. 

dhal featured image

Dhal recipe

Simple yellow split peas side dish that goes well with rice and other sides under this section.

garlic butter naan featured

Garlic naan recipe

Simple naan bread made with yogurt and cooked with garlic butter and cilantro.

pumpkin talkari featured image

Pumpkin talkari recipe

Pumpkin talkari is simply made with pumpkin, onions, garlic and seasonings.

3. Chinese Inspired

trini chow mein noodles recipe featured

Chow mein (veg) recipe

This simple chow mein noodles recipe is simple to make and fool-proof. The hardest part is prepping the veggies.

4. Healthy Lunch Recipes

breadfruit pie featured image

Breadfruit pie recipe

Try a simple and easy vegetarian breadfruit pie as a substitute for potato or macaroni pie.

boiled plantain featured image

Boiled plantain recipe

Boiled plantain is a delicious, sweet side dish that pairs well with any savory lunch.

Chicken liver recipe featured

Chicken liver recipe

This simple chicken liver recipe is very easy to make and has lots of health benefits.

chunky vegetables with cashews featured

Chunky vegetables recipe

Try this simple chunky vegetable recipe with toasted cashews.

tropical fruit salad with dragon fruit

Dragon fruit salad

This delicious tropical fruit salad is refreshingly sweet and is perfect for an early morning breakfast

5. Breakfast for lunch

trinidad fry bake recipe

Fry bake recipe

Fry bake puffs up in the hot oil, making a perfect pocket for any tasty filling.

fried shark recipe featured image

Fried shark recipe

These fried shark bites are tasty once you have properly prepared the shark meat. 

bara with ground urdi featured image

Urdi bara recipe

This bara recipe is a more traditional one to what is sold today…

cucumber chutney for doubles featured image

Cucumber chutney recipe

Cucumber chutney has become part of the culture and adds a cooling, refreshing element to doubles.