Lunch Recipe List

Trini cuisine is heavily influenced by African, Indian, Amerindian, Chinese, and Syrian food. So, there are certainly lots of options for lunch. And, of course, European and American food have also added to the already wide range.

Here are the Trini side dishes on this blog that are especially enjoyed for lunch on the islands.

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stew chicken in pot featured image

Stew chicken

Slightly sweet, smoky, spicy and oh so good, nothing beats stew chicken!

trinidad baked chicken trinidad baked chicken featured image

Whole baked chicken

This baked chicken has amazing flavor from fresh chadon beni, rosemary and more.

curry chicken in bowl

Curry chicken

Yummy bone-in, chicken pieces cooked in a Trini-style curry sauce.

curry duck featured image

Curry duck

Made with bone-in, local duck pieces cooked in a curry sauce much like curry chicken.

chicken butter masala featured

Chicken butter masala

Delicious chicken pieces cooked in a flavorful tomato gravy with East Indian spices.

pan grilled chicken breast featured

Grilled chicken breast

Easy boneless chicken flavored with green seasoning and the smokiness of grilling.

Chicken liver recipe featured

Sauteed chicken liver

Tasty chicken liver pieces sauteed with onions and Caribbean green seasoning.


fried red snapper featured

Fried red fish

You only need 5 ingredients to make this delicious fried red snapper recipe.

grilled whole red snapper featured image

Grilled red fish

Here’s how to season and grill red fish wrapped in banana leaves.

king fish featured image

Fried king fish

Seasoned king fish slices, battered and fried to perfection. Yum!

fried shark recipe featured image

Fried shark bites

Learn how to prepare, season and fry shark meat.

air fry mahi mahi featured image

Air fryer mahi mahi

A must-try air fryer recipe with seasoned mahi mahi fillets.


dhal featured image

Trini dhal

Tasty yellow split peas recipe with smoky garlic and cumin flavors.

dhal and rice featured image

Dhal and rice

Easy Trini lunch recipe with yellow split peas dhal and jasmine rice.

dhal and dumpling featured image

Dhal and dumpling

Yummy soup made with yellow split peas, vegetables and flour dumplings.

curry channa and aloo featured image

Channa and aloo

Chickpeas and potatoes cooked in a delicious curry sauce.

stewed lentils recipe featured

Stew lentils

Delicious lentils recipe with great depth of flavor thanks to browning and fresh herbs.


trinidad vegetable fried rice featured image

Vegetable red rice

Easy fried rice recipe with red rice, cashews, and veggies.

turmeric rice recipe

Turmeric rice

Wonderful rice recipe cooked with Indian flavors like cumin, cardamom and more.  

christmas rice with fork and towel

Christmas rice

Simple rice recipe with vegetables and dried cranberries.

More Staples

breadfruit pie featured image

Breadfruit pie

Breadfruit makes a great substitute for potatoes.

boiled plantain featured image

Boiled plantain

What’s better than boiled plantains as an easy, healthy lunch side?

trini chow mein noodles recipe featured

Veggie chow mein

Chow mein noodles and the veggies in your fridge are all you need for this recipe.

garlic butter naan featured

Garlic butter naan

Chickpeas and potatoes cooked in a delicious curry sauce.

trinidad fry bake recipe

Fry bake

Deep fried, rounded dough that makes a perfect sandwich.

trini white bread featured

Trini white bread

Quick and easy to make Trini white bread that’s perfect for sandwiches.

trinidad hops featured image

Hot hops bread

For those lazy days, hops and anything makes a great lunch.

coconut bake wedges

Coconut bake

A delicious, soft bread made with grated coconut and nutmeg. 


chunky vegetables with cashews featured

Chunky veggies

Easy sauteed veggies with toasted cashews and mushrooms.

vegan trinidad callaloo recipe featured

Callaloo (vegan)

Tasty taro leaves cooked with veggies and coconut milk.

pumpkin talkari featured image

Pumpkin talkari

Traditional Trini pumpkin recipe made fenugreek and green seasoning.

curry bodi featured image

Curry bodi

Easy long beans seasoned and cooked in a thick curry sauce.

fry bodi featured image

Fry bodi

Simple and easy-to-make sauteed long beans (bodi) recipe.

sauteed green beans with ginger

Sauteed string beans

Quick green beans recipe sauteed with ginger.

baked portobello mushroom caps recipe

Baked mushroom caps

Portobello mushroom caps recipe loaded with cheese and baked to perfection.

zucchini noodles with fork on white background

Zucchini noodles

This makes a great, low carb substitute to traditional pasta.

stir fried bok choy with garlic and ginger

Stir fried bok choy

Get wonderful depth of flavor from soy sauce, vinegar and honey with this recipe.