Drinks Recipes

Whether you are ready for a nice cup of hot tea or some cocktails to have a good time, here are some lovely drinks recipes for you to try.

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bay leaf tea featured

Bay Leaf Tea

Made with the leaves of the West Indian bay tree, this tea has similar flavors to cinnamon and cloves.

soursop tea featured image

Soursop Leaf Tea

This herbaceous brew is made with soursop leaves but should be taken in moderation.

parsley tea featured

Parsley Tea

Simple, mild herbaceous tea that tastes like the herb.

blue butterfly pea tea featured

Butterfly Pea Tea

This tea is mild, sweet, floral and has a gorgeous color.



mauby drink recipe featured image


Mauby bark brewed with warming spices and sweetened makes a great, refreshing drink.

sorrel drink


Sorrel or roselle sepals brewed with spices are especially enjoyed for Christmas in T&T.


lime and honey for sore throat and cough

Honey and Lime

This sore throat and cough remedy is so soothing.

Juice & Smoothies

delicious dragon fruit smoothie with mango, banana and orange with mint leaf as garnish

Dragon Fruit smoothie

Dragon fruit gives great color to this delicious smoothie with mango, banana and orange.

guave juice in glass featured

Guava Juice

Bright, bold and chock full of Vitamin C and antioxidants.

passion fruit juice featured image

Passion fruit Juice

A floral, tropical juice made with the pulp of passion fruit seeds.

soursop juice with nutmeg featured image

Soursop Juice

This juice is creamy and has a unique flavor and taste similar to citrus and pineapple.


barbadine punch in glasses

Barbadine Punch

Sweet, creamy and exotic, this punch is made with barbadine or giant granadilla.

featured peanut punch image

Peanut punch

Refreshing, nutty drink made with peanut butter, banana, dairy and spices.


passion fruit syrup featured

Passion fruit Syrup

A floral, fruity syrup that’s great for pouring all over pancakes or making exotic cocktails.

simple syrup recipe featured image

Simple Syrup

Two ingredients and 5 minutes are all you need to make this syrup for cocktails and more.

lavender simple syrup

Lavender syrup

Unique, floral syrup made with soothing lavender buds.




Vodka, triple sec and lime juice are all you need to make this citrusy drink.

blue kamikaze drink featured image

Blue Kamikaze

A spin-off to the classic kamikaze, this one uses blue curacao in place of triple sec.

daiquiri recipe featured image with lime wedge garnish


White rum, lime juice and a little syrup are all you need for a good time.

margarita cocktail featured image


Use tequila, triple sec, lime juice and syrup to make this classic cocktail.

grapefruit margarita with half slice

Grapefruit Margarita

A variation to the classic margarita with grapefruit juice.

salty dog cocktail featured image

Salty dog cocktail

Fun cocktail with salted rim, grapefruit juice, vodka (or gin) and maybe simple syrup.

paloma cocktail featured image

Paloma cocktail

Grapefruit and lime juice mixed with syrup and club soda makes this refreshing drink.