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Fresh and Raw___

cucumber chow featured image

Cucumber chow

Cucumber chow is the perfect, healthy snack!

cucumber chutney for doubles featured image

Cucumber chutney

Are you pro cucumber chutney on doubles?

tropical fruit salad with dragon fruit

Dragon fruit salad

Tasty fruit salad with mango, dragon fruit, and more.

pineapple chow featured image

Pineapple chow

What’s better than cold, spicy, sweet, flavorful chow?

Fruits and Veggies___

spiced apple recipe featured image

Stewed apples

This Ayurvedic breakfast acts like a prebiotic to calm the stomach.

tomato choka featured image

Tomato choka

Tasty fire roasted tomatoes and garlic, seasoned and served for breakfast.

baigan choka featured image

Baigan choka

Another breakfast food made by fire roasted eggplant with garlic.

mangu with garnish featured

Mangu (mashed green plantain)

More common in DR, this breakfast is made with green plantain.

boiled plantain featured image

Boiled plantain

Simple plantain recipe made by boiling ripe plantains.

fried plantain chips featured image

Plantain chips

Tasty, deep fried green to half ripe plantain chips.

fried breadfruit chips featured image

Breadfruit chips

Breadfruit is a versatile fruit and these chips are yummy.

breadfruit pie featured image

Breadfruit pie

Swap potatoes for breadfruit to make this tasty vegan pie.

stir fried bok choy with garlic and ginger

Stir fried bok choy

Easy bok choy recipe made with ginger and garlic.

vegan trinidad callaloo recipe featured

Vegan callaloo

Made with dasheen (taro) leaves, pumpkin and coconut milk.

pumpkin talkari featured image

Pumpkin talkari

Sauteed pumpkin that goes great with curry channa and aloo.

chunky vegetables with cashews featured

Chunky veggies

Simple veggie recipe with mushrooms, cashews, and more.

baked portobello mushroom caps recipe

Baked portobello caps

Stuffed with pasta sauce and cheese and baked to perfection!

zucchini noodles with fork on white background

Zucchini noodles

For low carb meals, try this simple zucchini noodles recipe.

boiled plantain featured image

Plantain recipe roundup

Here are 10 plantain recipes to try.

how to eat breadfruit

Breadfruit recipe roundup

Find more ways to make breadfruit here.

Peas and Beans___

curry bodi featured image

Curry bodi

Chopped long beans (bodi) cooked in a Caribbean curry sauce.

fry bodi featured image

Fry bodi

Easy, sauteed long beans recipe with tomatoes and seasonings.

sauteed green beans with ginger

Green beans

Simple green beans (string beans) recipe with ginger.

stewed lentils recipe featured

Stewed lentils

Tasty lentil peas recipes cooked in a browning sauce with veggies.

curry channa and aloo featured image

Curry channa and aloo

Soaked chickpeas and potatoes cooked in a Caribbean curry sauce.

doubles channa featured image

Doubles channa

Chickpeas cooked with Caribbean green seasoning and spices.

fried channa featured image

Fried channa

Deep fried chickpeas with salt and Caribbean green seasoning.

dhal featured image

Trini dhal

Made with yellow split peas, browned garlic, cumin and more.

dhal and dumpling featured image

Dhal and dumpling

Tasty yellow split peas soup with flour dumplings.

Meat and Fish___

curry duck featured image

Curry duck

Tasty Caribbean curry dish with Muscovy duck pieces.

curry chicken in bowl

Curry chicken

Chicken pieces cooked in a tasty Caribbean curry sauce.

stew chicken in pot featured image

Stew chicken

Chicken, bone-in pieces cooked in a tasty, browning sauce.

chicken butter masala featured

Chicken butter masala

Boneless chicken pieces cooked in a tomato, spiced sauce.

pan grilled chicken breast featured

Grilled chicken breast

Boneless chicken breast cooked in a griddle pan until smoky and tasty.

Chicken liver recipe featured

Sauteed liver

Chicken liver seasoned with Caribbean green seasoning and cooked with onions.

fried chicken wontons trini style

Chicken wontons

Deep fried wontons filled with grilled, seasoned chicken.

fried shrimp wontons featured image

Shrimp wontons

Deep fried wontons stuffed with well-seasoned shrimp.

fried shark recipe featured image

Fried shark

Shark bites, seasoned, battered and deep fried to perfection.

king fish featured image

Fried king fish

King fish slabs seasoned and fried with a little flour.

fried red snapper featured

Fried red snapper

Fresh red fish, seasoned with green seasoned and fried for 6 minutes.

grilled whole red snapper featured image

Grilled red snapper

Seasoned, wrapped in banana leaves and grilled with lemon slices.

air fry mahi mahi featured image

Air fryer mahi mahi

Easy, seasoned mahi mahi recipe cooked in the air fryer.

Air fryer snacks___


bay leaf tea featured

Bay Leaf Tea

Made with the leaves of the West Indian bay tree, this tea has similar flavors to cinnamon and cloves.

peanut punch featured image

Peanut pUnch

Refreshing, nutty drink made with peanut butter, banana, dairy and spices.

passion fruit juice featured image

Passion fruit Juice

A floral, tropical juice made with the pulp of passion fruit seeds.

passion fruit syrup featured

Passion fruit Syrup

A floral, fruity syrup that’s great for pouring all over pancakes or making exotic cocktails.

margarita cocktail featured image


Use tequila, triple sec, lime juice and syrup to make this classic cocktail.

mauby drink recipe featured image


Mauby bark brewed with warming spices and sweetened makes a great, refreshing drink.

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