Playlist: Trinidad Christmas songs

I always love playing Trinidad Christmas songs when preparing Christmas food. It’s such a fun, cheerful vibe.

Here’s a list of all the songs I usually listen to. You can find my Youtube playlist here.

By the way, if you are interested in our Trini culture, I’ve got an entire post on Trini Christmas food here and one about Trini expressions.

Trinidad Christmas songs

1. Scrunter – Madame Jeffrey

This one is fun to wake up everyone on Christmas with.

2. Marcia Miranda – Roast fowl

Marcia Miranda is the queen of Trini Christmas songs especially parang soca.

3. Susan Maicoo – Trini Christmas is the best

It really is the best!

4. Marcia Miranda – Bring out de ham

This song was one of my favorites growing up and the video always had us in stitches.

5. Scrunter – Piece ah pork

This one is another Trini Christmas classic and you’ll likely hear this on rotation a couple times a day during the season.

6. Crazy – Yvonne

Crazy is one of our artistic geniuses in the Trini parang soca scene. Here’s an old time song for Christmas morning.

7. Scrunter – Homemade wine

As I mentioned before, Scrunter’s music is extremely popular around Christmas time.

8. Sharlene Flores – Spanish confusion

This classic can never go out of style. It’s so festive.

9. Baron – It’s Christmas

Baron’s songs are synonymous with Christmas and is especially played for limes, fetes and New Year’s parties.

10. Daisy Voisin – Alegria Alegria

Daisy Voisin is the undeniable late queen of parang music. She and her band, La Divina Pastora, has positively and permanently impacted Trinidad’s parang music.

11. Kenny J – The paint brush

12. Taxi – Indian parang chick (cuchi la la) 

13. Marcia Miranda – Gimme love fuh xmas

14. Baron – Spanish woman

15. Scrunter – De parang now start

16. Daisy Voisin & La Divina Pastora – Sereno Sereno

17. Susan Macio – We come out to dance

18. Baron – It’s Christmas again

19. Susan Macio – Daisy Gone

20. Scrunter – Eat Something

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