Easy Fried Breadfruit Chips Recipe

fried breadfruit chips featured

Fried breadfruit chips are great alternatives to potato and sweet potato fries. To make fried breadfruit chips, peel and cut the breadfruit into thin slices, then deep fry in hot … Read more

Easy Fried Plantain Chips Recipe

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Fried plantain chips are my favorite chips eat. They’re unique since their taste is based on the ripeness of the plantain you use. To make fried plantain chips, remove the … Read more

Trinidad Cucumber Chow Recipe

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Trini cucumber chow is a popular and refreshing afternoon snack. It is similar to a simple cucumber salad but the garlic and chadon beni combo elevate it to that tasty … Read more

Simple Pineapple Chow Recipe

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Pineapple chow is a healthy refreshing afternoon snack enjoyed in T&T. It is made with pineapple chunks, chadon beni, salt and pepper. Ingredients like lime juice, garlic and other fresh … Read more

Tasty Trini Baiganee Recipe

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Trini baiganee is a popular fried street snack in T&T. It is made by deep frying eggplant (baigan) slices that have been covered with seasoned split peas batter. Like aloo … Read more

Trinidad Kachori Recipe

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Trini kachori is a bit different from its original Indian counterpart. It is made with ground chickpeas, flour and lots of seasonings, shaped into discs and deep fried. Like aloo … Read more

Easy Trinidad Pholourie Recipe

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Pholourie (puh-law-ree) is a favorite street snack in T&T. It is a seasoned, deep fried dough ball made with flour, split peas powder, turmeric and seasonings and is served with … Read more

Tasty Fried Channa Recipe

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Fried channa is a flavorful fried snack made with fried chickpeas (channa), fresh Caribbean green seasoning, salt and pepper. It is great alongside snacks like spicy peanuts, fried split peas, … Read more

Flavorful Tamarind Balls Recipe

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Tamarind balls are delightful, sugary treats in the Caribbean. They are made with tamarind pulp and seeds and lots and lots of sugar. You can also add your own flavorings … Read more

Trini Banana Bread Recipe

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You wouldn’t think banana bread is popular in T&T, but it is! Here’s my favorite, go-to recipe for making a simple but delicious banana bread. It tastes more like a … Read more