Simple Trinidad Hops Bread Recipe

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This is my mother-in-law’s Trini hops bread recipe. It uses simple ingredients and is pretty easy to make. And the hops are so soft and fluffy. Try this recipe and … Read more

Easy Trinidad Coconut Bake Recipe

coconut bake wedges

Trinidad coconut bake is a favorite breakfast food on the islands. It is fundamentally an easy-to-make bread that contains grated coconut meat and a little spice. The coconut flavor permeates … Read more

Eggless Dinner Rolls with Chives

eggless dinner rolls with chive featured

This simple dinner rolls recipe is easy to make and fool-proof. The rolls are soft and light and have great flavor from the chives that permeates through the entire roll. … Read more

Trini Banana Bread Recipe

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You wouldn’t think banana bread is popular in T&T, but it is! Here’s my favorite, go-to recipe for making a simple but delicious banana bread. It tastes more like a … Read more