Tasty Trini Baiganee Recipe

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Trini baiganee is a popular fried street snack in T&T. It is made by deep frying eggplant (baigan) slices that have been covered with seasoned split peas batter. Like aloo … Read more

Trinidad Kachori Recipe

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Trini kachori is a bit different from its original Indian counterpart. It is made with ground chickpeas, flour and lots of seasonings, shaped into discs and deep fried. Like aloo … Read more

Easy Trinidad Pholourie Recipe

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Pholourie is a seasoned, deep-fried dough ball that is a favorite Trini street food. It is often made with flour, split peas powder, turmeric and seasonings and is served with … Read more

How to Make Sada Roti Without Yeast

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Sada roti is a popular Trini breakfast staple that is usually served with vegetarian sides. Although it only requires a few ingredients, sada roti takes time to perfect. Here is … Read more

Simple Doubles Channa Recipe

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Want a flavorful chickpea recipe to accompany your homemade bara? Then try this doubles channa recipe. It has a really good texture like your local doubles man and great flavors. … Read more

How to Make Tomato Choka

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Tomato choka is a tasty vegan side dish that is enjoyed in T&T, especially for breakfast. It is made with simple ingredients and full of smokey and spicy flavors. What … Read more

How to Make Pumpkin Talkari

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Pumpkin talkari is a simple pumpkin side dish enjoyed with any type of roti and sometimes channa and aloo.  Here’s more on pumpkin talkari. What is talkari In Trinidad and … Read more

Simple Tamarind Sauce Recipe

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Tamarind sauce is a tasty dipping sauce served alongside fried favorites like pholourie, aloo pie and saheena.  Tamarind sauce, often called tamarind chutney, is made with tamarind pulp, sugar, salt … Read more

Tasty Trinidad Curry Duck Recipe

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Trinidad curry duck is certainly a favorite for any occasion, especially a good ole river lime. It is made with Muscovy duck pieces with skin and bone in, curry powder … Read more